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Florence captivated me in Grade 7 when we studied the Renaissance period, so it was nice to finally see the city of art and science. Pro-Tip: be sure to visit when the wisteria is blooming in April! 
Florence At Sunrise
Visited the David's, as one does when in Florence. There are several options if tickets to the Gallerie dell' Accademia are unavailable. Admired the views of the city from the surrounding gardens.
Florence by night
The warm spring evening brought out the crowds, standing seven rows deep, to watch the sunset over the bridges from the Piazzale Michelangelo. The light was beautiful!
Flowers of Florence
This garden featured a long tunnel of wisteria. Getting to the Giardino Bardini when they open is a must to avoid the crowds. I managed only a few photos before the crowds arrived and the tunnel was full of people. 
My Tips
Gelato: Gelateria Artigianale Cantina del Gelato - Try dark chocolate and pineapple mint ginger flavour. I love that in Italy, waffle cones with a wafer on top are standard. 
Perché no! - It's also a good option near the city centre.
Food: Brac - a bookstore and fantastic restaurant combined in one! Il Vegetariano and Il Vegano - Firenze were also very good.
Transport: I walked everywhere in Florence after arriving by train. The old part of town is compact and flat, but to get to the viewpoints and gardens, wear comfortable shoes as it is hilly and can get quite hot, so bring water.
Safety and vibes: If you are part of the global majority or are travelling with someone who is, check restaurant reviews online. Some restaurants in town have multiple complaints about seating individuals in the back of restaurants, ignoring them, and being generally unpleasant.
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