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All roads lead to Rome, made reality as I walked on ancient streets, admiring the temples and eating gelato multiple times a day because...when in Rome!
VAST Views at Sunrise
Beating the crowds is done by getting up early. With limited travel days, there are only so many mornings to hit the crowded tourist destinations, but it is always worth it to avoid waiting for hours in line or roasting in the sun. Plus, the light is always better earlier or later!
Flowers in the Forum
Probably the best time to visit Rome is the spring, with the scent of orange blossoms wafting and red poppies scattered among the ancient ruins. If you go to the Roman Forum (Foro Romano), download an audio tour guide (recommendation at the bottom) to learn about the ruins at your own pace. The area is fairly large and you cannot purchase water while inside so be prepared if it's a sunny day.
TREVI, Colosseum, Pantheon and JEWISH Quarter
Trevi Fountain is always crowded with Instagramers and thus a favourite location for thieves. This is where you're most likely to be pick-pocketed, so keep your bags in front of you at all times. The Jewish Quarter has several open ruins and walkways that offer a taste of what is in the Roman Forum if you are pressed for time. And a great spot to view the Colosseum is directly above the Colosseum Metro station on the hill. To see the Pantheon, you will need to book tickets to get inside, but the lines move fairly quickly once inside. The audio tour guide is pretty well done and interesting.
STreet Scenes
The rest of the images are just from walking around Rome in all kinds of weather.
My Tips
Gelato: Fatamorgana Chiavari — The biggest selection of interesting flavour combinations, like pineapple ginger,  peaches and wine, papaya, banana and lime.
Flor Gelato - close to the Colosseum and had excellent dark chocolate, blueberry, hazelnut and mango. 
Other good places - Maravè Gelateria - Cioccolateria.
Food: Book reservations whenever possible, may take a bit more planning but it will mean you get to eat good food and don't get hangry waiting in long lines. Many places have 2-3 seating times starting at 19:00 (7 PM).
Rifugio Romano - amazing food including the best vegan pizza with vegan mozzarella.
Buddy Vegan Restaurant Cafe - best vegan tiramisu.
Pastasciutta - cheap pasta near St. Peter's Square (Piazza San Pietro), the Sistine Chapel (Cappella Sistina), and Vatican Museums (Musei Vaticani).
Transport: Get there by train and you will arrive at Roma Termini Station. If coming from the airport (Leonardo da Vinci–Rome Fiumicino Airport / FCO) take the Roma Termini - Leonardo Da Vinci Airport and in 32 minutes you will be in the city. Rome is a large city, so it's worth taking the Metro when possible to save your feet for walking. You can tap on and off the Metro with credit cards. Water fountains are plenty and they even have ones with sparkling water.
Culture - Tour operators are how you get into many of the attractions, like the Colosseum, Vatican Museums, Sistine Chapel, St. Peter's Basilica because the tickets are bought by these companies before us normal people can. But the advantage is you skip (most of) the line in most cases saving time. You will always have to do security, so don't bring large backpacks as they will make you check them at the door.

Rick Steves has a great audio tour guide of Rome, including the Vatican Museum and Roman Forum. I downloaded them before leaving and even listened to them beforehand so I knew what I wanted to see. If the jokes are a bit much, you can always listen at 1.5 speed. Pro-tip - bring headphones with a 3.5mmm jack so you can use them when going on tours where they give you headsets. Reduces waste and you can have better quality sound!
Safety and vibes: Typical street-smart advice applies here, but especially in crowded touristy places and on the metro. Keep an eye on your belongings and don't get got by any scammers or thieves.
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