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Growing up, I had a cassette tape with the story of Vivaldi that I listened to hundreds of times. Because of it, I wanted to play the violin and love the Four Seasons.
Streets of Venice
An early morning in Venice is best while the tourists are still in bed or having breakfast, the squares are empty, and the Venetians are going to school and work.
Morning Streets
More photos of Venice in the morning light, nearly everything is photogenic.
Sleepy Gondolas
Resting before a busy day at work. Lots of beautiful art and carvings to be enjoyed if you look closely.
Get Lost
I came away with so many images from Venice; it's a street photographer's heaven. Due to the tight streets, you may want a slightly wider lens to capture those scenes, along with a longer focal length for tighter shots to eliminate the tourists who may get into your shots.
faces of venice
Lots of colourful clothes, faces, and textures to be found around the city.

My Tips
Gelato: Bacaro del Gelato had the best gelato (mango and hazelnut were delicious) and is in a quieter part of town.
Food: C'è Pizza e Pizza - if you're looking for some pizza to takeout and eat sitting by the canals.
Transport: Take the vaporetto (sea buses) to get around and just wander the streets. You'll find pictures around every corner.
Safety and vibes: Watch your belongings and be wary of the scammers in the touristy areas.
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